Friday, 20 March 2015


Today is World Storytelling Day. This amazing idea (thanks to those who were responsible for initiating this Day) proves one pacifist dogma, that visions of world peace lie in the domains of a child's fantasy. Peace, in storytelling is synonymous with love, fellowship, kindness and happiness.
When my son, #Warren informed me of Storytelling Day, I was elated - and rightly so, for I was known in Calcutta as "The Storyteller". It was the Indo-American Society who had introduced me to the city's children; and in their magazine, The Calcuttan, I became the Storyteller, telling my creative stories every weekend. 
The All-India Radio gave me a Sunday afternoon spot as "Uncle Melvyn Storyteller". I went on to narrate my creative stories to children in Loreto schools, one period in their school routine once-a-week, was the Story Hour. I taught English grammar, composition and pronunciation through the medium of my stories. 
Eventually, The Statesman (JS) under the direction of Desmond Doig initiated the World's First Storython: an original story had to be told for as long as anyone could, non-stop. The venue was St. Thomas' (Boys) School, Kidderpore. The other competitors could not go further than half-an-hour. I became the World's First Storython winner; I spoke for three hours, forty minutes. My creative story had a beginning, middle and end. It had twelve fairy tale characters. The International Herald Tribune (Paris edition) reported about it.
Those interested in wanting my book, "DRAGONS and DREAMS" for free please feel welcome to contact me at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, 3 Elliot Road, Calcutta - 700 016.
- Melvyn Brown


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