Friday, 6 March 2015

Happy Birthday Melvyn Brown

Dear Friends, it was a happy surprise for me to know that so many wonderful people like you still keep me in your hearts. I never forget any of you , but due to my busy life at this stage, writing, programming events and keeping the flames of the A-I and the Catholic community alive is a big project as you can well imagine. I have in the past year alone written several articles on the liturgy, prayers and posters on the faith. I imagine you might be familiar with all this, as I have a blog as well.Allow me to thank you all for your love and thoughts of me. I will surely reply to your individual emails in due time. You have made me very happy at this moment in time. God bless you all. My prayers to each one of you comes from the Chapel of Divine Mercy. He will help you, heal you and comfort you. I interceed for you.

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