Thursday, 24 December 2015

Melvyn Brown and The Ambassadors For Jesus Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2016

The Ambassadors For Jesus under direction of their founder Melvyn Brown displayed Christmas banners in Calcutta for the Yuletide season and the New Year. (see photos).

Melvyn Brown and The Ambassadors For Jesus 

Wish You A Merry Christmas


A Happy New Year 2016

Christmas Eve Once More by Melvyn Brown


Christmas Eve is known for the total preparation of the Christ Child’s arrival. Imagine having spent a whole month in planning a holiday, finding on-line gifts and clothes, baking cakes and piling strong drinks in the cupboard, not forgetting the special lunch and dinner, or the once-a-year get together of the family. Mobiles for the kids, presents for loved ones and elders who have left valuable imprints in family circles.
Stop. How about spending one day dedicated to a confessional truth: God has come to us as one of us – and that is deserving of much attention. He has come to redeem us from sin. He has come to be our salvation – to show us the path to paradise; to forgive us when we turn to Him. Christmas Eve is the biggest, most incredible event each year to be reminded that God is love. That God is a merciful Father. Christmas Eve is a day to go down on ones knee in adoration. To go and make a good confession. To make a sincere sacrifice. To visit a church in sheer happiness, praise and thanksgiving.
Happy Christmas.

Christmas Cards Are Precious by Melvyn Brown

Christmas Cards are Precious By Melvyn Brown

The other day a little girl of seven came to see me along with her mother. As mother and daughter entered the room the child gave me a Christmas card. The mother looked apologetic and said,” I told her to pick a bigger size card but she insisted on the tiny card. The mother added: “My daughter said, that since she was small you would like the tiny card”.
From the collection of cards I have received, the little girl’s card is the most precious one.
I feel I’m blessed to still receive Christmas cards in the post. I find hard-copy cards are personal, warm, filled with a kind-of-closeness and never fails to race through your veins.
Sending and receiving internet e-cards is rather sad. It is cold and indifferent, to think of how he must have tapped the ‘send’ key and sent it to everyone he knows in one-shot.
May be the person thought it was one way to save money from having to buy and post cards. Fine. May be he saved a lot of physical energy. All the above goes well for a corporate business, not for human relationships. For me, there is nothing better than to receive by hand or by post a Christmas card, or for that matter any other type of greeting card.

Jubilee Year of Mercy 2016

Sunday, 13 December 2015


The Ambassadors For Jesus and Melvyn Brown had their annual Jubilee Christmas Tree on Sunday 13th December 2015 at the Divine Mercy Chapel, Calcutta.
Children from several parishes in the city attended and a few children from the suburbs graced the fun-filled occasion which began at eleven in the morning. (see pics).

AFJ Founder Melvyn Brown was Father Christmas and he helped in giving away the gifts and prizes won by the children. Melvyn was assisted by his team of associates. Games galore won prizes for all participants, and all the children were treated to bags of presents to take away home, which included delightful edibles.
The members, associates and co-workers of the AFJ came forward in a big way to make the annual treat a big success. Our Founder thanks all those souls responsible in making this party in celebration of the birth of Jesus a memorable event.
Wishing All Friends and Well Wishers A Very Merry Christmas 2015