Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Evil Men Do by Melvyn Brown

Advocates of evil and violence might claim their hate, anger and lust is a manifesto to wedge fear and submission, but we Christians know better. The gang-rape of a consecrated nun in this year of Consecrated Life is "Unspeakable".
The seven culprits who brutalised the 74 year old Catholic woman of God in a convent at Ranaghat, vandalised and desecrated the chapel, were peddling an openness of defiance. We wait for speedy action and assured security. Archbishop Thomas D'Souza in a pivotal role convinced the agitators to stop the blockade, which the others were not able to achieve.
A day later the Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta arranged a successful rally at Allen Park to condemn the disgusting and shocking gang-rape of the elderly nun.
In the year 2012 the country witnessed 2046 rapes. In the year 2013, crimes against women rose to 29,826. May the Mercy of Christ forgive our enemies.
The Ambassadors For Jesus will have an All-Night Vigil at the Chapel of Divine Mercy to protest against the gang-rape of the nun at Ranaghat.

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