Saturday, 18 June 2011

Marathon Exhibition on the Pope in Kolkata

A Catholic in Kolkata organized an exhibition on Pope John Paul II on April 30, the eve of the late pontiff’s beatification, to deepen Catholics’ faith.
Melvyn Brown, founder director of Ambassadors for Jesus, a lay association, said he put up photographs and books on the pope for Catholics, who do not have “other ways of coming to know about the elements of our faith.”……..

Melvyn Brown and “The Ambassadors For Jesus”

All my life I have been like this, wiry, Melvyn Brown describes himself with a smile.
He has several hats to wear - lay leader in the Church and in the Anglo-Indian community, author, founder-director of lay movement Ambassadors for Jesus, editor-publisher of All-Parish Paper and Anglo-Indian Newsletter, and film enthusiast.

Brown’s ‘Home of the Divine Mercy’ is a cool place to walk down the memory lane of the man who has contributed much for the Church during the past three decades in Kolkata……