Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Calcutta Chaos by Melvyn Brown

Calcutta is going through the desperation-era mentality. Any hope of a unified and progressive state is doubling down to a characteristically thumb-impressed anagram of crisis, confusion and collapse. Calcutta today, is the punching bag and warhead that may soon nuke itself. Pray it never happens.
Let me explain in a few dark (unfortunate) images: 1) Shops are being rented at the cost of capturing the pavements and streets. “Dukaan Bhara, raasta Hamara” (shop rented, the street is mine). More and more shops are illegally taking over the sidewalks for displaying their wares.
2) Having a bike has become a fad like having a mobile. There is no voice strong enough to control bikers speeding on their way to hell. Three or four individuals on a single bike race down streets, lanes and flyovers; many with a death- wish, getting killed. What a waste.
3) Music played by auto-rickshaws and private car owners has risen above the happiness of listening to good music. What is heard is the unbearable sound, breaking all decibel laws, simply thumping and thumping and thumping noise which will surely upset, if not kill heart-patients, blood- pressure and the old. Buildings having stood the time and passage of the years are today crumbling because of the massive vibrations.
4) When you want to buy a flat, go ahead: see it and buy it. Do not pay money and wait for it to be built with one-brick walls, cheap cement and on weak foundations – single strong tremor and …..

5) Wow! Now hawkers have been given license to sell their wares anywhere and wherever.

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