Friday, 7 August 2015

Friends On A Calypso Journey Through Life by Melvyn Brown

FRIENDS     By Melvyn Brown

I am by no means a supporter for “losers” and “wasters”, but I think of them as my “friends” in this calypso-journey through life. Being the way they are is, perhaps, the way God wants us to learn not to neglect our duties, to be more responsible, to thank the Creator for ones well-being and competence. My “friends” are clearly the instruments and showpiece of the Lord.

I often help these “Friends” of mine in small, efficient and effective measures. Without having to tell them, they do odd jobs and receive food, at times money as the situation arises. They don’t know it but, they are my “friends”. By the act of being who they are – they also serve.

A few years back there was an American TV Series called FRIENDS. The dominant significance of that popular series was the enthusiasm riveted into the theme of friendship. I became a big fan, hoping it would salvage all the anger and pain in society with laughter and hindsight-criticism of the way the world wobbles in cockeyed celebration of hopelessness.

Week after week I was thrilled to follow the often small and minor mess in the lives of the characters. Fun-filled and continually an embarrassment to most of the viewers, FRIENDS, often hit the top-ten best TV Series, in comedy. In my personal collection of DVD’s I have Ten Seasons.

In FRIENDS, the characters always stood by each other through thick and thin. They cared and shared as best they could. They fought and made up and radiated good values. They classified the cause of war and peace in current trends onboard. The only thing that never changed was faith, trust and hope in all that they went through.

                  - By Melvyn Brown@Calcutta. August. 2015

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