Saturday, 4 April 2015

Maunday Thursday And The Visit To The Seven Churches of Calcutta


We Catholics in Calcutta are truly blessed. Churches are within walking distance around the ‘City of Palaces’ (Pre-British), till Hollywood came along with their film ‘City of Joy’ (Post-British). Job Charnock must have a smile on his face.

Whatever, mystically Calcutta has nourished the Annual Seven-Churches Walk and visit (within) Maunday Thursday evening till Good Friday noon. Catholics have an unwritten vote to make the walk and visit penance an absolute must. Young, elderly or those in their dotage, walk (some barefeet) visiting churches (a few with walking sticks, I imagine not so much to lean on as to keep stray dogs away), all this helps in ‘street evangelization’, promoting admiration for the Faith.

This year, 2015 at the Chapel of Divine Mercy the footfall count of the faithful had gone up to nearly 400 odd visitors. The ‘City of Christ’ (for all the Christians and Anglo-Indians of Kolkata), I mean Calcutta, has an enduring spiritual life of its own splattered in every corner for all religions.

Catholic Archdiocese of Kolkata

The 45 Kolkata Churches

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