Sunday, 18 August 2013

Altar-Servers Sodality Initiated at Saint Mary's Church- Ripon Street- Calcutta

Saint Mary’s Church, Ripon Street, Calcutta, celebrated Altar-Servers Day on Sunday. The church was well attended. The altar was decked with flowers and looked resplendent with the altar-servers, the three priest-celebrants and the choir at the far-side of the altar.
The new sodality of altar-servers was graced with over forty boys and girls in special red and white dresses. They were each presented with a cross on a ribbon and those who deserved credit for outstanding service at the altar were given gifts. An appropriate blessing was part of the happening. The altar-servers made a pledge to do their best in service and to be regular in their attendance.

The Ambassadors For Jesus and the AFJ Catholic Women United were represented by Founder Melvyn Brown who congratulated the children, said a few inspiring words on the event and thanked Fr. John Mohandas, the parish priest for his dedicated spiritual and pastoral work in the parish, also for having established the Altar-Servers Sodality in a move to enrich the new evangelization in the parishes. This will be a significant moment in the history of the church on Ripon Street.

Melvyn Brown spoke on behalf of the AFJ and presented Miss Angela Ambrose,11 years old, with a Citation for her pious devotion and dedication as a server at the altar (see photos). The parish priest gave a warm word of thanks to the children. Fr. John Mohandas requested parents in the congregation to encourage their children to come forward and join the sodality. He said the sodality was dedicated to Saint Dominic Savio, the patron saint of altar-servers.
Young Ashton Domingo, 4 years old was called up to the altar along with his father to be blessed on his birthday. The choir sang ‘Showers of Blessings’. Later refreshments were given to the participants and their parents. It was a day to long remember.
Praiseworthy is the word. “I imagine nothing more could have been done to make the Altar-Servers Day a better success,” said a proud mother, and most notably, 40 children in the event was a pastoral triumph.

By The All-Parish News Reporter. Calcutta. India

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