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A bright blue sky and shimmering sunlight greeted devotees on Sunday morning , 28 April 2013 as they came down from distant places to attend the inauguration of the renovated chapel of Divine Mercy at 3 Elliott Road, Calcutta. Melvyn Brown, Founder of the Ambassadors For Jesus, a lay Catholic movement welcomed the people.

Fr. Basil, asst. parish priest, St. Mary’s Church , Ripon Street blessed the Chapel’s altar (see pic). He read a passage from the gospel, and involved those present in prayers to Mother Mary and Jesus. Fr. Basil blessed the people, and the inner rooms of the Chapel, the home of Mr. Brown.

Melvyn Brown was asked to narrate his experience of the miracle light.  He was emotionally moved by the gravity of the event. Melvyn said, with his charismatic flair, that this was truly a welcome Message for this Holy Year of Faith. It was said AFJ Founder , a seed cast for the sharing of our Catholic faith among all people. Indeed, the social dynamic of the miracle had already, in a few days, lit and uplifted the faith in many hearts in the city, and elsewhere around the country.

The Secular Citizen (Mumbai), a Catholic weekly, splashed the miracle news in colour in their issue of 15 April , 2013.

A Catholic priest, Fr. Mervyn Carapiet (Calcutta), stated that there was a message from Jesus: “YES, the message is clear, Jesus Divine Mercy wants people in the city to know of His Presence here.”  On the internet, Fr. Carapiet wrote : “ Friends, Please download and see for yourselves. You may go to Elliott Road, Kolkatta and see the place where it happened. Blessings, Fr. Mervyn Carapiet . “

Indeed, the social impact of this miracle is, perhaps, the Lord’s way to bring His people together in the Holy Year of Faith.

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