Sunday, 9 January 2011

Joan Brown Memorial Awards 2011


                                              For the Media and Literary  Distinctions

                                                       WINNERS 2011

The Joan Brown Media and Literary Awards has been initiated and approved by Ambassadors For Jesus founder Melvyn Brown , as a Memorial to the name of his wife Joan , who passed away in 2008. Joan had been  close to all Catholic efforts in the range of literature and in the media. She was his muse, encouraging and promoting Melvyn in his writings and in his media events. Joan was an avid reader,an honest critic and kept herself well informed on world and local news events on TV and the newspapers.

                                       It was decided that the Annual AFJ Awards and the Anglo-Indian Awards would remain to inspire and encourage future generations in Catholic chapters of spiritual and mundane growth as it has done over the years.

                                       The Joan Brown Awards will be presented for Creative Writings and for excellence in Media and Documentary works . It has been settled that each year nominations will be received for Catholics who fall under the perspective of the awards at year end (November-December) and the winners to be declared by January-February of the New Year.

                                       The Joan Brown Memorial Committee will avail to Melvyn Brown their selection of three names in each category for his final choice of the winner or winners .  The Awards will carry a Citation and Trophy.

                                       THIS YEARS WINNERS ARE :

                                       Julian Sunil Martin Roy , for his Poems and Research

                                       Dr. Leonard Gomes , for his Letters in the Media

                                       Vernon Thomas , for his short stories for children

                                       Fr.Lawrence Abello,sj.,for his Pro-Life and Protection of the faith.

                                       Rudolph Vance, for his sports reporting and other events .

                                                             THEY WON BECAUSE  :

                                       Julian Sunil Martin Roy has been nominated for his book of poems , Tiny Bouquet ( has 250 verses ) on diverse themes. The book is of precious value to our present-day collection of Indo-English writings. Also, for Roy ’s research and documentation in the book , A Brief History of Portuguese Converts ( Atharo Gram – Dacca Catholics ).The book is of considerable importance for future generations. Congratulations Julian.

                                        Dr. Leonard Gomes, ex-professor of St.Xavier’s College, Calcutta , has contributed a wealth of insight and knowledge through his “Letters to the Editor “ in The Herald and other publications. His views and opinions has been a source of much assistance to readers and critics . Congratulations Leonard.

                                          Vernon Thomas has published hundreds of short stories for children, and a series of re-telling in English stories from Indian legends and folk tales. His style of writing is crisp and clear. The stories are little gems for all time to come. We pride in his nomination. Congratulations Vernon .

                                           Rudolph Vance from Pune is better known to his friends as “Ruddy “. He has a flair for reporting on sports, especially on football and hockey. Rudolph has the makings of another Clary Miller. He is versatile in reporting on local events and on Catholic programmes. Congratulations Rudolph.

                                           WINNERS will be duly informed by mail shortly.

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