Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Cards Are Precious by Melvyn Brown

Christmas Cards are Precious By Melvyn Brown

The other day a little girl of seven came to see me along with her mother. As mother and daughter entered the room the child gave me a Christmas card. The mother looked apologetic and said,” I told her to pick a bigger size card but she insisted on the tiny card. The mother added: “My daughter said, that since she was small you would like the tiny card”.
From the collection of cards I have received, the little girl’s card is the most precious one.
I feel I’m blessed to still receive Christmas cards in the post. I find hard-copy cards are personal, warm, filled with a kind-of-closeness and never fails to race through your veins.
Sending and receiving internet e-cards is rather sad. It is cold and indifferent, to think of how he must have tapped the ‘send’ key and sent it to everyone he knows in one-shot.
May be the person thought it was one way to save money from having to buy and post cards. Fine. May be he saved a lot of physical energy. All the above goes well for a corporate business, not for human relationships. For me, there is nothing better than to receive by hand or by post a Christmas card, or for that matter any other type of greeting card.

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