Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Prayer to Mary Ever Virgin

                             for  AFJ Clergy Day

Hail Holy Mary, Mother of the Most High,
Protect and empower the men and women
Your Son has chosen to evangelize the Faith, to heal
the physical and spiritual wounds of the faithful, to
take confession, to forgive sins, to baptize, confirm,
bless, celebrate Holy Mass, conduct a proper Christian
and Catholic marriage, to administer the last rites, and
to pray at the funeral service for the departed soul.
Queen of heaven, Mother of peace, guide and comfort
for all your anointed children, who, like yourself said,
I accept to do His will. For God’s glory in the Son and
the Holy Spirit one God forever and ever.    Amen.

Prayer composed by Melvyn Brown for the AFJ Clergy
Day (22nd October 2015).
Feast of St. Jerome 30th September 2015
 Melvyn Brown
Chapel of Divine Mercy
3, Elliot Road, Calcutta - 700016
Mobile: 9433989419
Email: melvynbrown21@gmail.com

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