Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Many poor souls today have much to be afraid of in the world. The fear of swine-flu, survival, unwanted fat in the body, blood-pressure problems, depression, terrorists, cardiac surgery, rape, murder, hackers on the net, led in maggi’s noodles, the atmosphere of war, diabetes, the ISIS, hyperactive disorder and many more drum-beating fears.
Fear, as I imagine, is a mind-thing. Saint Pope John Paul 11 said, “Be not afraid”. Basically speaking, having fear is not healthy. A child grows up with the fear of dark places, others with the fear of spiders, insects, worms and snakes.
Some people find it hard to believe that some folks suffer with claustrophobia and the fear of heights. Fear of smoking is slowly growing as the whip-hand of governments lash the cigarette industry and drive mental blows into humankind.
The fear of asteroids hitting the earth must not be forgotten. All these fears keeps coming back, persistent, urgent and seriously for reflection.
In all humility let us have faith and trust in the Lord, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Surrender your fears to the Trinity. Reflect on it.

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