Sunday, 10 May 2015


It’s often a foolish errand to predict the course of future events. The stock market might crash next week. School reform, issues within free trade, the national economy and the last horse could win making upsets and fissures in their own backyard.
The war in Iraq and Syria is a ridiculous crisis. However, the larger scramble for Christians worldwide is to focus attention on the changing face of the Catholic Faith which is on the threshold of mentoring efforts to streamline a better tomorrow within and outside holy Mother the Church. This is not a foolish errand not when Pope Francis keeps emerging with new views in polished themes: a ‘poor’ Church; to abolish a ‘fortress’ mentality; to receive couples living in sin; to make ‘divorce’ less complicated.
The pontiff wants the Church to be a “Witness of compassion”. The Holy Father said: “Let us never tire of asking for forgiveness.” He considers his papacy as a “Kairos” of mercy (meaning a privileged moment in God’s plan of salvation). He is the ‘Pope of Mercy”. I am proud to be a Catholic.

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