Monday, 13 January 2014

Winners of The Joan Brown Memorial Awards 2013

The Joan Brown Memorial Award covers the media, education, art, science and communications. Melvyn Brown had instituted the Award in memory of his wife in 2011.
The first Joan Brown Memorial Awards 2011 were presented to five winners:
Mr. Vernon Thomas
Mr. Julian Sunil Martin Roy
Fr.Lawrence Abello S.J.
Mr. Rudolph Vance
Dr. Leonard Gomes.

Congratulations to the Winners
This year the 2013 winners are Mr. Ian Myers for his dedication in the field of Anglo-Indian education and social service within the community, who always finds the time to oblige and impart justice.
Miss Catherine Moss for her distinguished and youthful dedication towards the preservation of Anglo-Indian heritage and culture.
The late Joan Brown had shown great concern and self-discipline in religious fervour, love and charity. The JBM Award is a tribute to Joan’s impeccable life. Joan was a modern woman, wife, mother and grandmother and a guiding light to all those she met. Mrs. Brown passed away on the 10th of August 2008 in Calcutta, India.
“Women are silent icons; leaders in their own right,” said Mr. Melvyn Brown, adding: “Men make human endeavours a place in the sun, alongside the woman.”

Courtesy: Anglo-Indian, The Newsletter. December 2013. Calcutta. India.

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