Monday, 21 March 2011


Navigating the hazards of covering the media , art, science and communication , the Joan Brown Awards Committee finally nominated five winners for the first awards 2011. Melvyn Brown who had initiated the Awards gave his final approval. The event was held on the 26th of February at St. Thomas’ Presbytery hall, Middleton Row, Calcutta, proved to be the dessert topping everyone had looked forward to attending.
The Joan Brown Awards will now be an annual offering to the nation. The ice was broken. The auditorium wore a bright look with colourful banners. The music was tamed to the occasion. Miss Elizabeth D’ Cruz performed a dance which was much appreciated by those present.
“ Women are silent icons, “ said Melvyn Brown, founder of the awards and husband to the late Joan Brown. Melvyn wove the story of his wife and her pursuit in the fields of human endeavour which had been the deepest concern of her life. It was because of her self-discipline, religious fervour , love and charity which made the Awards a fitting tribute to her impeccable life. Joan was not old-fashioned,” he said, “nor was she wood-panelled in outlook. “ Melvyn Brown presented her life to his audience as being, “ a modern woman of our times, down-to-earth and an icon to all those who met her. “
Julian Sunil Martin Roy, author of the book “Atharo Gram” and poet , received his crystal award and Citation as if the Oscar had been his reward. He thanked Melvyn for having created the Special Award in memory of his wife.
Vernon Thomas , writer of over a hundred books for children and a masterful autobiography was thrilled, undoubtedly for all the praise showered on him by Melvyn. The essence of the moment was caught on film as a crew of cameramen surrounded the popular writer and author. (see pic).
Rudolph Vance, a young Anglo-Indian from Pune was the fish to be honoured for his talent in sports reporting and documenting local news in the archdiocese of Calcutta. He was optimistic about his future.
Fr. Lawrence Abello, s.j. and Dr. Leonard Gomes were both unable to attend. The awards and citations will be sent to them.
Finally, selecting three ladies from the audience Melvyn Brown presented them with gifts suitable to the moments “iconic” vision he had of all women who contribute their best ‘ in waves of silence ‘ wherever they may be , and shelter those under their wings.

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